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Alerts and Notifications not working

Van Johnson
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I am running an evaluation of Smartsheet.  I have turned on Alerts (right away) so that Supt. can get notification whenever there is a change on a sheet.  

Those alert notifications are not be being sent out.  

I have tested it several times by updating the % Complete (yes I have that one as part of the alert). But the changes are not appearing in Gmail. 



  • Ajay Jindal

    You won't receive a Notification if you made the change.  You will get a notification when other people make changes.  Try it again using two separate email accounts on your notification.

  • Van Johnson
    edited 06/26/15

    Thanks for your response.  I did not realize the updates were not CC'd to the person writing the email.  I added my personal email account just for testing and it seems to work.   

  • Stan Schultz
    edited 09/14/15

    Trying to get notifications to work. I shared with an additionl personal e-mail account and set up the sharing for a notification to be sent to that user immediately when anything changes and it's not working.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Stan, a couple things to check:


    -Make sure the user has set a password and logged into Smartsheet at least once

    -Ask the user to check their spam/junk folder


    Let me know if you are still unable to get this working.

  • Stan Schultz
    edited 09/17/15

    That did the trick. Thanks.

  • hdorath

    You should add a warning. I spent two days trying to understand the reason why I was not getting notified,





  • sojourner16

    What happens when I need to send an update to an email address in a contact column that is not a smartsheet user?  I collect information from my company that is stored in a sheet.  When I approve their request, I want smartsheet to email them.  Smartsheet is collecting the email address in the contact column, and I have set up a notification to email them when a checkbox changes.  However users are not getting confirmation emails.

  • Marcus B

    I am having this same problem. I am testing real-time change alerts when a date on my smartsheets is added and in a column to send an alert to a contact. The contact is not myself but I am making the changes and saving. I've tried this with 3 different contacts and no one is getting the notice however we do get other e-mail notices from smartsheets. 

    Thank you


  • hdorath


    Is the sheet shared with these users?


  • Hi, 

    I am also having the same issue as described above. I have created an email alias to alert multiple people at once when changes are made. (People will be added and deleted over time to the alias group, so easier to use the alias then update all the notifications). I added the email alias as a collaborator to the sheet (ie,. I've shared the sheet). The notifications are not going through. Would love help on this! 


  • snelson

    Me, too, please!

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