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DoD Bans HTML Messages and Deactivates Links

Just Jean
Just Jean ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

All HTML messages sent to .mil addresses are converted to plain text with all links deactivated. This renders the rows in Update Requests messages useless.


Here is an example of a deactivated link:


To jumpstart your training, watch your onboarding video < Caution-http://go.smartsheet.com/dc/wIQmyGhXZM4DmbvAyzH4NY8-vjZA6g7r1ML_sT7NsfowTTPp52aFo4LWBs0Y76j7XxF_D98D0Hqm1bXt-HDm1sK7gtVFtcp2BPXYgcVaBanRwqBIM6HeHyvmymUl8olQNtSFgim3PkGIFh8t66uWehLCCU1ER80sMMiM0l6u2s-ABjyk8f_T29YwWDDGivhK/Y0Wc407K3007O021hNO0aMm >  now!


This takes away some of the beauty of Smartsheet. And we must use our .mil email for official business.


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hello— as email systems are controlled by the email provider's settings, I'd recommend reaching out to your IT team directly and have them troubleshoot why this is occurring.


    The plain text switch that you're seeing isn't behavior that Smartsheet has control over, as your .mil email server seems to be performing this conversion. Smartsheet doesn't have functionality to convert emails to plain text.


    If you or your IT team has further questions on this, the best resource would be to email  Support@Smartsheet.com. Keep in mind though that our Support team's troubleshooting resources may be limited, as this issue appears to be happening on your .mil email server.

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