Resource Allocation View by project button

dradzanowski ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

So I've had a problem with no "resource view by project" button.

Background information:

I'm a proposal writer working on a Growth Operations team. I've been working with our Strategic and Business Performance Group to incorporate more Smartsheet into our operations.

I've been entered as a system admin, licensed (trial) user, group admin, and resource viewer.

A group has been set up for our department with myself as the owner of the group, and my contact from the SBPG has been added for an extra measure of connectivity.


When we look at my SBPG contact's account, she has the "resource view by project" button above hers, but because she's not the group owner, she doesn't see anyone in the resource view. She also has access to the project setting, and has enabled resource management on the sheet (with dependencies obviously enabled as well). I've followed all the steps in this article: to no avail.

When I look at my account, I don't have the resource view icon above my sheet, nor do I have the manage resources tab on the project settings.

Possible unfavorable solution:

Transfer the sheet to my contact, and see if she can load the resource view. This would result in an increased burden to her already sizeable workload.

Possible favorable solution:

Figure out the missing link. Is it just that I'm a trial user? Is there something I missed? Some backend thing my IT group needs to do? This is where the knowledge/experience gap is that I need your help on.



    Apparently, because my coworker created the sheet, she was the only one who could get that project resource view button. So, I created a blank grid, had her move the information over to the blank grid, and then went back on my account and enabled the dependencies and resource management again. This gave me the button. Though, I'm seeing from other posts, I basically can't share this view with anyone directly. Definitely a needed capability for anyone in a management support role.