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Can I highlight non-working days and holidays in report based gantt charts?

Kate Newman
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have a report referencing several worksheets that I use primarily in gantt chart view.  When I print it's gantt chart, I would like the weekends and holidays highlighted the same way they are in a worksheet based gantt chart.  Is this a check box I am missing somewhere?


  • Hello Kate,


    By default, non-working days will appear as grey in the PDF generated for print, holidays will appear in a light pink color. There actually isn't a way to disable this formatting.


    If you're not seeing this in your PDF, it's possible that the PDF viewer you're using is stripping the formatting out, or your computer isn't displaying the formatting. I'd recommend you first try opening the PDF in another application (such as directly in the browser versus using Adobe Reader) or seeing if other collaborators on your sheet are getting the same result.


    Otherwise, you might want to reach out to [email protected] and have our Support team troubleshoot further with you.

  • Apologies Kate—I just realized that you were referring to a Report's Gantt chart. Currently, Reports aren't aware of non-working days or holidays in their source sheets, and as such the formatting won't appear in the Gantt chart on the Report itself. 


    To be able to print a Gantt chart with the non-working day and holiday formatting, you'll need to print the source sheets, as opposed to the Report.

  • Thanks Shaine.  I got the same answer from Support this morning.  I understand why it works this way from a data/programming side, but it sure would be nice!


  • Read you loud and clear—I'll make sure this feedback gets to our Product team.

  • Shaine, I think this would be useful for the gantt view when you are working on the sheet to show these dates in grey/pink also rather than having to go back into the PDF to see them.

  • Zachw
    Zachw ✭✭✭

    I have the same request and wonder if Reports with Gant will be able to display weekend/holiday formatting (gray) as it does on gant view in a sheet.


    It is quite frustrating that I cannot see the weekend/holiday formatting in my Report Gant Charts

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