Variance Netdays

Philippe Honore
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hello everyone,

I read some of the threads about this issue, but cannot find the right answer.

Members of my team are consultants and work primarily on weekends so I am using the NETDAY function to calculate the variance. If I use the formula as is, meeting the deadline will give a "1" instead of 0. To avoid this I added a "-1" at the end of the formula to have a "0" variance when the submission date meets the deadline. Although we someone submitted a day in advance (a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday) the variance shows "-3" instead of "-1"


The function:

=IF([Actual Date of Submission]12 <> "", NETDAYS([Due Date]12, [Actual Date of Submission]12) - 1, "") 


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