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Formula to Average Child Progress Bars

Justin Scott
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I'm hoping to find a formula I can use to automatically fill out the parent row's progress bar based on the child rows. The result would look something like this, just not sure if this is possible.


    • Section 1 is 50% because: Sub-task 1 + Sub-task 2 + Subtask 3 = 150 then / 3 tasks = 50% progress bar
    Section 2 is 75% because: Sub-task 1 + Sub-task 2 + Subtask 3 + Sub-task 4 = 300 then / 4 tasks = 75% progress bar


Thanks so much!


10-20-2016 10-57-49 AM.png


  • Matt Hines
    edited 10/20/16

    Since the Progress Bar is a text based field where if you type "Half" the 50% Progess shows, there wouldn't be an easy way to do this. You could create a numberical column next to it that would convert "Half" to 50% with an IF statement, but if you got any inbetween percents you'd have issues. 


    While not a progress bar, the main sheet I use, uses just percent complete where it divides the count of completed Children (by a checkbox, which is 1 or 0, checked and unchecked) by the count of total Children. This seems to work pretty well.


    If you do find an alternative, I'd love to see how you get it working.


    Good luck!

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