Updates to Master sheet automatically updates individual projects

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

our company has multiple projects that have the same tasks, durations, and dependencies, but have different start and due dates and different assigned staff. We are creating a master project template that can be used as the starting point for all projects, but we would like a way to make updates to the master project template that will filter to the existing projects. 

Linking doesn't seem to work, because the parent relationships do not flow through and new rows do not get added.

Setting up multiple reports tied to the master project template doesn't seem to work because I can't add unique start and due dates to the report.

Setting up multiple timelines within one master project template doesn't seem to work because I can't create the duration and predecessor column cannot be duplicated and will only work with one set of  start and due date columns.  

Any ideas?