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Is having multiple 'events' on the same row or specific days highlighted possible on Gantt view

I'm creating a Gantt chart to monitor and plan my progress for a thesis I am writing. I have the various stages of my thesis with their sub-projects indented under them, so my Gantt chart is becoming quite tall.


I also need the days of my other deadlines highlighted on the Gantt chart, so I can see where my deadlines will affect the progress on my thesis. I have tried to do this by indenting each deadline under the heading "assignment deadlines". However, the problem I have with this is that each deadline is on its own row, so I have about  6 days worth of projecet taking up 6 rows in my Gantt chart, which looks a little silly as it's a huge waste of space.


Is it possible to move these onto the same row to save all this space? This could also be done by having specific days on the Gantt chart highlighted, by either having a line running down. It just needs to be a visual thing that I could add at the end.


Thanks in advance for any help.


  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
    edited 11/04/16

    Hi Nathan—


    Smartsheet currently doesn't have a way to display multiple tasks on a single line in the Gantt chart but I'll get your vote down for this on our enhancement request list.


    You can always collapse your parent rows by clicking the +/- button in the Primary Column (with the bold column header) so that they take up less space. Keep in mind that you'll need to expand the parent row to drill down on the subtasks further.

  • Did this functionality ever get added? I would like to use it, too! 

  • I'd love to see this too. Any updates - still considering, nixed...?

  • This functionality would be a great plus. It would make it much easier to visualize events on a single row.


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