Dashboard access via link not showing the user as logged in.

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So, I am having an issue with my published dashboard. I have embedded a report utilizing the current user function. I have found that when my team accesses the dashboard by manually navigating to it through SmartSheet, the report works perfectly and they are able to view it. However, when they use the published link (which is ideal since they often only need to access the dashboard and do not need to rifle around in the SmartSheet program) there is no option to "sign in" which then nullifies the current user report functionality. This occurred even when the team member was logged in to SmartSheet in another tab. I have set the publish link setting to "only available to users in the owners account" and ultimately the whole team is shared to the dashboard.  Is it possible for them to access the dashboard via the link and be signed in? Or at least be prompted/forced to sign in?


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    Publishing is designed to allow users to see certain information without logging in. However, as you have found, this does mean that specific information requiring a login, such as a report showing information based on the "current user", does not display.

    In order for users to be prompted to sign-in, they need to be accessing the dashboard through Smartsheet itself (which would ask them to sign in) versus through a published link.

    If you are looking for a way to provide a link to your employees that goes directly to the dashboard (so they don't have to navigate through Smartsheet), yet also prompts them to log in, you can send them the URL from your browser when you are logged in and viewing this dashboard. This is a different unique URL that will open directly to the dashboard but within Smartsheet, so it will prompt a log-in. See my screen capture below. 

    Then you could have your employees bookmark this URL in their browser's bookmark bar so that they don't need to constantly find it in Smartsheet. They could also "pin" this dashboard or bookmark it from the left toolbar within Smartsheet, as well.

    Hope this helps!


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  • Hi, I'm having a similar issue though when I add a dashboard tab in MS Teams.

    In Smartsheet the dashboard with links to reports with logged in user filters works perfectly.

    When I publish as a tab into MS Teams I get 'You're currently viewing a published version of this dashboard. This content can only be be viewed in the Smartsheet app'.

    When I add the individual reports as tabs they work fine, just net when integrated into a dashboard.

    Is this a Smartsheet limitation or internal IT issue with permissions etc?

    Report on its own works fine

    Any ideas?

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    Hi @Michael F

    It looks like you posted the question and a resolution on this post, here.

    Did you get this to work?