FAQ: How do I post a question, edit, or delete my post?

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Post a Question:

You can start a new post by clicking Ask a Question (to the right of the Recent Discussions feed). 

If you choose the drop-down arrow next to the blue button, this gives you the option of asking either a Question or starting a Discussion. Only Questions can have Best Answers so this is the best choice when you have an issue that needs to be resolved or you are looking for solutions.

Discussions are a way to chat with other users, such as providing an example of one of your own use-case scenarios, without necessarily needing an answer. 

Edit or Delete your post:

You can edit your post for up to an hour after your initial post time by clicking on the three dots in the top-right corner of your post. 

If this time has passed and you need to either edit or delete your post, you will need to contact a Community Moderator to facilitate the change.

To do so, click the flag icon on the comment and Report the post, leaving a note with how you would like your post to change.

You can also use this Report function to request images to be removed, to send a note to the Moderation team, or to change what comment was marked as the Best Answer to your question.

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