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Log In:

In order to ask or answer a question or create a post in the Smartsheet online Community, you must first set up an account (see: Getting started: Create an account).

Create a Post:

You can start a new Question, Discussion, or Idea by clicking New Post.

  • Questions: only Questions can have Best Answers so this is the best choice when you have an issue that needs to be resolved or you are looking for solutions.
  • Discussions: these posts allow you to chat with other users, such as providing an example of one of your own use-case scenarios, without necessarily needing an answer. 
  • Idea: these posts can be voted on by other Community members. Only create an Idea if you've made sure it doesn't already exist.

Edit or Delete your post:

You can edit your post for up to four hours after your initial post time by clicking on the three dots in the top-right corner of your post. 

If this time has passed and you need to either edit or delete your post, you will need to contact a Community Moderator to facilitate the change.

To do so:

  • Click the flag icon on the Post
  • Select Report
  • Write a detailed note with how you would like your post to change

NOTE: Reporting a post is a private action that does not add any negative points.

You can also use this Report function to request images to be removed, to send a note to the Moderation team, or to change what comment was marked as the Best Answer to your question.


Welcome! We're glad you could join us. Check out these posts to get started in the online Community:

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