Formula for percentage complete and duration remaining


I am trying to develop a formula to flag tasks that are less than 50% complete but more than 50% of the duration has passed. I'm not sure if my math is correct. But aside from that, can Smartsheet perform functions like the one I am proposing below? Currently, it returns an unparseable error. If I get this formula to work, I would incorporate the checked box in that column into another formula.

=IF(((([End Date]@row – TODAY())/[Duration]@row)< 0.5), 1, 0)

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  • Jamila
    Jamila ✭✭✭✭

    This is great! My way was a lot more complicated. I had to change "Progress" to the column name in my sheet "Percentage Complete" so that it works. Now I know about NETWORKDAYS as well.


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