Formula to color RYG balls based on date/deadline


I'm trying to alter the color of our RYG status balls based on the proximity of the date. For example:

  • Yellow - if today's date is within 5 days prior and 5 days after the deadline date noted
  • Red - if today's date is 5 days + after the deadline date
  • Green - if today's date is before the 6 days + before the deadline date

I have devised the following formula but this doesn't work at all and displays the status ball in yellow no matter what the date is changed to!:

=IF(Australia6 - TODAY() < 5, "Yellow", IF(Australia6 - TODAY() > 5, "Yellow", IF(Australia6 - TODAY() < 6, "Green", IF(Australia6 - TODAY() > 6, "Red"))))

I'm quite new to this so your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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