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Printing Sight in landscape page orientation

Brian Hl
Brian Hl
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

A big thank you to Smartsheet for adding the print function!


I have just tested this and it works great in portrait but when choosing landscape it does not fit to width leaving a big portion of blank page.


Does anyone know a possible soloution to get the sight to fill up the whole page when printing in landscape?






  • Daniel Stein

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your question. Sight print works a bit differently depending on which browser you use, due to differences in print capabilities among the browsers.


    - Chrome has the best support for Sight print. Your Sight will always scale to fit a single page, and the scaling will adapt to your page orientation and page size settings. If you choose Landscape, the Sight will scale to fit that page size. Note that you still may have blank space on your page, because the Sight is scaled to fit on a single page.

    - For all the other browsers, the Sight will fit best on a single Letter or A4 sized page. If your Sight is taller than wide, it will fit in portrait Letter (or A4) size. If your Sight is wider than tall, it will fit in landscape Letter (or A4) size.


    I hope this helps. Let us know if more questions come up.


    Best regards,

    Daniel Stein

    Product Manager, Sights

  • Is there any way to get around the print defaulting to one page?  I have a long sight that is great when viewed online but is unreadable when printed.  I really need to be able to print out to multple pages for certain audiences.


    Thank you!

  • Roland Horwood
    Roland Horwood ✭✭✭✭✭

    Good morning,


    yes, it would be good to be able to choose the number of pages that the sight prints on. I too have a report that is growing in length.





  • Hello all, I have the same issue of printing Sight in landscape but width not fitting the full page.  I'm intending to print in A3 my sight which would fit on 2 X A3 pages and use it for visual management on a board. does anyone knows how to do it ? 

    I succeeded to do it once in B&W but cannot recover the settings.

    Is there a video provided by Smartsheet team ?


  • Hello,


    is it really impossible to print in A3 or in several pages the sight dashboards ?

    if not, could you tell me at least how I can print in 2 A4 pages so I can copy them and enlarge them by copying (seems stone ages method but I have not any other idea).


    Please help.


  • Mark Mr
    Mark Mr
    edited 03/15/18

    I have the same problem. My Gant chart is about 74 rows long which is not that much. Anyhow I intend to save this in PDF to A3 format. When I select A3 and landscape in the smartsheet options and press print it will select an A3 format but print (in PDF) to portrait and leave a large area blank. 

    In addition when naming each row on the Gant chart view by setting this in the options in "assigned to" (have not figured out how to name individual titles) the names are cut off during printing. Furthermore the sight does not follow the timeline, instead it remains in the original starting column and presses the remainder of the project to the right until it is almost invisible. 

    This is truely a gigantic problem, as what good is it to make a schedule when you can't present it? I am utterly surprised by the lack of competence and urgency this matter is given as my comment comes 2 years after the first time this problem was reported. I urge SmartSheet to adres and solve this issue immediately.



  • Sasan
    Sasan Employee


    At this time Chrome has the best support for Dashboard print and we understand it does not have ultimate flexibility.  This is in our backlog as a feature enhancement.



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