How to export the relation of a table: attachment and line/raw uploaded to


I can export table and all the attachments within, or i can do a backup of the whole file with all attachments from the home (list)overview, but in both ways, i can't find the information in which line the attachment was uploaded to. But this is important to me since i have 122 attachments per sheet!

Smartsheet table and GUI knows it and shows it, but the relation is lost in the export options (as well as formulars created within the table).

i marked the missing infos in the screenshot in red color.

Any ideas are appreciated.

p.s.: In 2017 i could create a list of attachments with the raw in the link title (see second screenshot attached).

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  • zooom_for_RBX
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    Hello Genevieve.

    There is a workaround, Pedro from the support Team told it to me ,-)

    • Select all rows of your table.

    • Right Click opens an context menu

    • Use send … (email)

    • fill in your email address

    • select the columns that you want to send – in my case: attachment.

    • In the email you'll find a list with all attachments and the information in which row it was submitted.

    If i have the time i will do the suggested Enhancement Request…

    Nice Greetings. Markus