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Client Access

Grant Simpson
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts


 I would like a client to be able to access a Smartsheet specific to their project.

How do I set them up to do this? I only want them to access one sheet and be able to make changes









  • RJ

    Same question as Grant



  • Enter their email address in the Share dialog box and select the access you want them to have. You can find that in the drop down menu in the tab at the top of the sheet.

  • Hi Grant,


    Smartsheet supports the ability to share an entire Workspace or a single Sheet.  Your description is for sharing a single Sheet.  To do so:


    1. Open the Smartsheet you would like to share.

    2. Towards the bottom of the sheet, click the "Sharing" button.

    3. Enter your client's email address in the "Invite Collaborators" field.

    4. Adjust the "Permissions" setting in case you want them to edit or just view the sheet.

    5. Fill out the rest of the Sheet Sharing page like modifying the Subject Line and including an optional personal message.

    6. When ready to share, click the "Share Sheet' button to only share the single Sheet.




    * Do not click the "Share Workspace" button as that will share all of the Sheets in the Workspace with your client.  It sounded like you didn't want to do this.

    * The "Share Workspace" button will only appear if the Sheet resides within a Workspace.  


  • Kate Paul1

    Another option would be to use Publishing with the Edit by Anyone option, if the client doesn't want to/can't create a Smartsheet account of their own.


    By default his lets anyone with the published sheet link access and update information on that sheet, or you can restrict access to users in your account if you have a team account. You can un-publish a sheet at any time.


    If the sheet contains sensitive data, sharing the sheet as Lester described will likely be the better way to go. 

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