Dynamic push of data into Excel from a Report


Hey guys, I need some help as I 'm trying to automatically import some data from a specific colum displayed in a Report into an Excel spreadsheet and I don't really know how to do it...

Here's the steps I've followed in order to have the data displayed dynamically in my Excel spreadsheet :

#1 - I've created a report in which all the needed data is being displayed.

#2 - I've published my report and got a link.

#3 - I've open Excel.

#4 - In the data tab, I've selected Get Data from Web.

#5 - I've pasted the URL in the pop up window and clicked on Import.

#6 - An error message appears in Excel.

When I do the same process with a Sheet (instead of a Report), it works perfecly... but I'm having too much data displayed in Excel. Plus, the data is not very well organised this way. I think the problem is Excel can't manage the Gantt charts and it's one of the only two options we can choose in Smartsheet for the Report (the other one is Agenda...), as opposed to the Sheet side in which we have way more publishing options (Read only - HTML seems to work perfectly).

To sum up, I need to have some very specific data imported automatically in Excel, this data needs to been dynamically updated every 5 minutes and I need to autosave my Excel as a csv file every 5 minutes.

This .csv file will be used by another system to trigger some jobs (i.e. copy / move / delete video files present in a given folder).

Anybody has an idea how I could manage to do that ?

Many thanks,

Francis Comtois


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