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Link to another sheet with Function


Hello, i'm newbie for using smartsheet, May I know how make a link to another sheet using Function?
Example: I'm created 3 Sheet

1. Sheet A --> Column Volume 1 = 30
2. Sheet B --> Column Volume 1 = 20
3. Sheet C --> Column Volume 1 is SUM of Sheet A Volume 1 + SUM of Sheet B Volume 1

How make do that, need your advise, thanks.


  • Andrei Moseev
    edited 11/18/16

    Can you tolerate having 2 extra columns in Sheet C just to hold data imported from A and B?

  • Hi Andrei,
    Thanks for your feedback

    It's just a little sample, I just need make warehouse small system in smartsheet.
    Sheet A = inbound list
    Sheet B = outbound list
    Sheet C = Stock data summary

    Let's say in sheet A insert a bottle item with stock 10Pcs & Sheet B have request to process 4Pcs, so in Sheet C for stock data appear 6Pcs

  • Andrei Moseev

    I will elaborate my workaround idea:

    You add columns to Sheet C, those columns contain links to A and B, so they hold data imported from A and B into C.

    Then you build furmulas in C internally referring to those import columns.

    You can hide those import columns if you wish.

    So you just explicitly split your task into steps - import data then refer in formula.


  • Noted & thanks Andrie, will try it

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