Rollup summary of data

Rollup summary of data

This is probably a very simple formula required but I am struggling with it. Can somebody please assist?

We have a number of clients on one sheet where we track different trades budget vs. actual for each client. e.g. Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry etc.

  1. We want to count up all the budgets for the Plumbing for all clients
  2. We want to count up all the actuals for the Plumbiing for all clients
  3. .....and the same for all the other trades

Attached is a snippet of the current layout. Each client is formatted the same; one under the other.

Lastly I want to display all these metrics on a dashboard :)

Thank you in advance.

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  • TeeMTeeM
    Accepted Answer

    Thanks Frank and Andree,

    Your advice is helpful and I am just trying to get it right.

    Kind regards


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