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Change Status Bubble Color Based on Percentage

David Nelms
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Have tried using conditional formatting to achieve this with no luck. I have a column of % complete with percentages in increments of 5. I then have a seperate column of status that I am using a gray, red, yellow and green ball image. I'd like to for the color of the ball to change based on the percentage chosen (i.e. gray =0, green = 100, red = 5 to 50, yellow = 55 to 95). Any ideas?




  • Brett Evans
    Brett Evans ✭✭✭✭✭✭
  • David Nelms

    Thanks. Wasn't sure if formulas would work, but now that I know they do, I can work on getting that part done, plus some other items that require similar programming.

  • Evan Wilson

    I found that if I want to use whole numbers in the % column (25%, 50%, etc.), the formula should use decimals since that's how it will translate, once the % column is formatted. 


    e.g. (IF %Complete2 < .25, "Green")

  • Laura
    Laura ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Is there a way to use this same concept with Not Started, In Progress and Complete instead of the colors?

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    something like this


    = if ( status-as-text-column&row = "Not Started", not-started-color, 

       if ( status-as-text-column&row = "In Progess", in-progress-color, 

       if ( status-as-text-column&row = "Complete", complete-color, "I did not find a match")



  • Patrick Galvin

    can you add link to the Due date so that if due date is in next X days and % <> 100% then RED


    currently have this: 


    =IF([% Complete]3 = 0, "Gray", IF(AND([% Complete]3 > 0, [% Complete]3 < .51), "Red", IF(AND([% Complete]3 > .50, [% Complete]3 < .96), "Yellow", IF([% Complete]3 = 1, "Green"))))

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Here's my take on it:


    =IF([% Complete]3 = 0, "Gray", IF([% Complete]3 = 1, "Green", IF(OR(AND([Due Date]3 < TODAY() + 5, [% Complete]3 < 1), [% Complete]3 <= 0.50), "Red", IF([% Complete]3 < 1, "Yellow"))))


    I changed a few things:

    1. These AND's are not needed

    AND([% Complete]3 > 0, [% Complete]3 < .51)

    if the IF's are nested properly. The first IF checked for =0. Unless you are concerned about negative percentages, the >0 is not needed.

    Same with the next one in your original formula.

    2. I changed < 0.51 to <= 0.5

    In your formula, you would have shown Red at 50.5%, which I don't think you wanted.

    3. I changed the order to check for Gray, then Green, then Red, and finally Yellow.

    In this case, mostly a matter of  preference. See also below on missing date.

    4. I changed Yellow to less than 100%

    In your original formula, 96.1% to 99.9% (rounded) did not get a result.


    One thing neither of our formulas account for is a missing date (non-started and complete will be correct (see #3)) but otherwise Red. That's probably OK.


    Hope this helps.


  • Patrick Galvin
    edited 03/27/17



    This is very usefukl for one project I wanted to report on so a huge thanks for that. 

    Where I think this needs a tweak is around the colours.


    Gray = No started (Good for me)

    Green = Completed (Good for me)

    I need Yellow to indicate that this is progress

    I need Red to indicate that either it's not started or less than 75%and the due Date is in xx days

    I need Red to indicate % Complete < 1 and Due Date = < today()


    Does that make sense...? Or how else do people track these things?




  • Patrick Galvin
    edited 03/28/17

    That is awesome - thank you so so much for assisting with this. would have taken me hours....!! Seem to work a treat.

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/28/17

    It does.

    I had a longer post, but a blue screen of death wiped it.


    Here's the updated formula, rearranged again. 

    I added blank dates check for Gray result. 

    I'm using 5 as the X days. It shows up in two places


    =IF([% Complete]6 = 1, "Green", IF(AND([% Complete]6 = 0, OR([Due Date]6 > TODAY() + 5, ISBLANK([Due Date]6))), "Gray", IF(OR([Due Date]6 > TODAY() + 5, AND([Due Date]6 > TODAY(), [% Complete]6 > 0.75)), "Yellow", "Red")))


    Here's a picture of the results:



    Hope that helps.





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