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Sight GANTT Issue


I have a report section in a sight including a GANTT chart. The report itself displays the GANNT starting at the first task start date or today with the GANTT paramter. When viewing the sight, the GANNT always seems to start in January. This particular project starts towards end of year so I have 10 months of empty space in my sight losing and not being able to view the whol chart. 


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hello Chris—


    The Report Widget will currently put the Gantt chart at the start of the first project from your source sheets.


    You might want to consider creating a report that more narrowly depicts the project you need displayed in your Sight, possibly using a shorter date range in the "When?" criteria.


    If the above doesn't help, contact our Support team at Support@Smartsheet.com to further isolate the behavior.

  • MarkJohnson

    Shaine - for the life of me I can't see how you would use the 'When' criteria to drive the correct display of the Gantt view in the Sight.  The report builder seems to just select rows to display.  It doesn't control the slice of the Gantt view needed.  The Gantt view on/off tool in the Sight edit function needs something similar to the project settings/timeline display options in the gantt view for Sheets and Reports.  All that said I'd be happy to be told I've got it wrong.



  • Mark, Was this ever answered or did you figure it out.  I'm new to Smartsheet and I am experiencing the same issue.  I don't see any way to resolve this?

  • Mark Johnson1


    I can't remember the exact sequence of events now.  However, I did get this solved. 

    In my case I have a schedule sheet, which has a 'For reporting' checkbox column on each row.  That let's a project manager manually select what they'd like to report upwards and removes the noise for exec reporting. 

    To feed the Sight correctly I have a report which selects on the checkbox field in the schedule, and a reduced set of columns to display.  The report 'When' parameter can be used on the 'Start' column date as necessary.  Just set it to 'Greater than' the starting point you want.   In most cases we don't now need it as the manual 'For reporting' decision often eliminates the need however it does work when required (I wish I could set it based on a field in the sheet though!). 

    The Sight then picks up the report with it's parameters and formatting. 





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