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I'm looking for a way to calculate time of day based on predecessors.


I have a very specific need to a time intensive schedule that requires time of day (TOD) to calculate based on predecessors.  Currently I have been manually entering TOD of Start Time and Finish Time in general columns but would prefer these to be formula driven.  Has anyone done this?


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I did this before the August 2016 update, but have to figure out what changed and how to get my results again.


    To clarfiy, what you are looking for is something like


    task A starts on monday at the beginning of the day and has a duration of 2h.

    task B starts after A finishes and has a duration of 3h

    task C starts after B finishes and has a duration of 1h


    your day starts at 8am


    you want to see 

    task A TOD Start = 8am, Finish 10am

    task B TOD Start = 10am, Finish 1pm

    task C TOD Start = 1pm, Finish 2pm


    Something like that?


    Well, as I said, I did not realize my previous solution wouldn't work anymore (project closed!) until this afternoon. 

    You may run into some problems, 

    This may have changed but...


    The workday according to Smartsheet starts at 8am. The only way to change this was to have 16 or more work-hours (and then the start time would move back towards midnight)

    If you wanted to start later, you'd need to add a lag or a task for that purpose.


    Every day longer than 4 hours had a 'lunch break' from 12-1pm.

    Again, not configurable.


    What I used to use was


    =[Start Date]23 - DATEONLY([Start Date]23)  


    to get a decimal value that translated to a something that I could turn into hours.

    There were problems, but I got it to work.


    Now that returns 0.



    I posted another bug report on something related to this today - maybe this will help.

    I doubt it helped you directly.




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