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Show "Task - Assigned To" in Calendar View

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Hello wonderful people!

Wondering if there is a way to show WHO a tast is assigned to in Calendar View. 


I have several Staff with tasks - in SS Gantt view everything is colour coded and is easy to read. When I switch to Calendar View the colours remain (as it should) but there is no mention to WHO the task is assigned to.


This makes it tricky to navigate who is on leave - as all Annual Leave is now blue with no record of WHO it is.


Is there a workaround to include the Assigned To to the Task Name in Calendar Settings???


  • Kylie D'Costa

    I would like to know if this feature is posible also!

  • Admin@PAT

    I have found a Join Text Function wihich looks great in theory but alas I cannot get it to populate with a '-' or space between the two cells contents:


    Using this:

    =JOIN([Task Name]3 + [Assigned To]3, " - ")


    I end up with:

    Meeting - Bradford RoomJohn Smith


    ...what I want to achieve:

    Meeting - Bradford Room - John Smith


    Once I have this formula - surely I can point the Calendar Settings to this colum to populate the Calendar View with the 'result' column.

  • James Morgan

    Not sure if this will help but I had the same problem and I created a formula in the primary column that was similar to the above.  It shows "Assigned to" and the parent task.  It works and displays correctly in the calendar but it does mean the project set up is a little messy.


  • gail

    Yes, James Morgan is correct.  The info is taken from the Primary Column and will need the formula in it to concatenate column data together.

    As for the JOIN problem.  JOIN is for a range of columns, so if you're trying to concatenate just two columns of data together, they must be next to each other and use a colon, not a plus sign, e.g. =join(Col1:Col2," - ").  If the columns are not next to each other, then just use =Col1," - ",Col4

  • Admin@PAT
    edited 12/07/16

    Hi everyone, Thank you. I got it - bit of both options above Gail. THank you for the prompt to keep trying. Yes - I now have the RESULT of the below formula in the Parent row meaning that th eTask - ASSIGNED TO result is being shown in the calendar - whoo whoo!!!


    Kylie: this is what I used - just change your cell references =JOIN([Task Name]3:[Assigned To]3, " - ")


    Result shows space - space between the text in the columns - PERFECT!!!

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