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I have a form that takes details and then the sheet automation process fires this to a different manager and after each manager, it goes to the next approval level in the chain. All seems to work and I have even got a vlookup to another sheet to select the approval names based on the location selected.

What I cannot find out is how to get it so that all the people on that particular approval gets a notification that says the original submission was successful. And also, how to include the original submitter in this.

1 - I cannot get the original submitter to be recognized as a contact field that appears in the options to send a notification.

2 - I see there is an option to send an alert to everyone the sheet is shared with. Is this literally everyone (I plan to share to 2000 people to use to submit) or only those names on this particular row in the sheet that the form was used to populate.


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  • Simon Wilcock
    Simon Wilcock ✭✭✭✭
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    Hi Andree

    Thanks for the reply. I'm a new user to Smartsheet in the last few weeks but enjoying it!

    The form I have has a field for the employee to type their name. The form will be shared either by email or a link on a Smart sheet dashboard.

    I was hoping to get the employee name as a contact field. Would I need them to actually enter their email address so at least I have it?