Is it possible to transfer the ownership of workflows in Data Uploader

Jennifer Murphy
Jennifer Murphy ✭✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

I have a number of workflows set-up in Data Uploader, a colleague of mine is taking over some of my tasks and I need to find out if I can transfer my workflows or will my colleague have to set-up their own workflows?


  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee


    It's not currently possible to transfer Data Uploader workflows, but you could submit a Product Enhancement Request to let our Product team know that you'd like to have this functionality in Data Uploader.

  • Hi Alejandra,

    Thanks for your response - I also logged a support ticket with Smartsheet to find out if this was possible. Your colleague Pedro has kindly raised an enhancement request based off my query.

    At the moment I'm building solutions for my team, but I won't be the long term owner of the solutions, so whilst I can transfer the datameshing and pivots it would be wonderful to also be able to transfer the data uploaders.