Move row automation/ Advance options

Move row automation/ Advance options


Is there a way to select the fields (columns) one wants to move to another sheet thru Move Row automation? One can use Advance Options> Column Visibility to select what to show for Alerts/Reminders and even in the approval workflow but it's not an option when moving/copying rows.




  • L@123[email protected] ✭✭✭✭✭

    There currently isn't way to do this. A simple workaround is to run the workflow once, go into the target sheet, and hide all of the columns you don't want to deal with. They will stay hidden in the future as the workflow runs again.

  • I would very much want to see this selected columns feature also being added to this automation!

    I was trying accomplish this with a workaround with cross sheet formulas and also with cell links and even with formulas in the intermediate sheet referencing to the cell links but it seems that copy/move row automation only works when user directly interacts with the row. Also I couldn't find any information on this limitation in anywhere.

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