Smartsheet Form will not accept responses from all users


I created a Smartsheet Form and have begun receiving responses. One user indicated his response would not submit (See attachment). I verified his responses were not recorded on the Smartsheet. He indicated he was using Google Chrome to submit. I opened the Form on Chrome on my web browser and was able to submit his responses. Any ideas why this would happen?

I use Smartsheet Forms quite frequently and have never had this issue. This is the first Form I have created since the last Smartsheet update where logic was added. Is there a glitch? I'm anxious to have this fixed as I have several forms that are utilized by 1,000s of people. It would be a real mess if I was missing a lot of user data. Thanks.


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    Hi @sccobb

    Ask the user to test it in another browser and also in Incognito mode in Chrome.

    I suspect that it’s a cache issue or maybe a Chrome add-on that is messing with the form somehow.

    If you haven’t already, I would recommend that you reach out to the Smartsheet Support Team.

    Did that work?

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic week!


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