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Hey All -

Does this exist yet? See screenshots below. Am i missing a piece in the formula? Or is my column type incorrect? I cant seem to find an article on this. I know its a bit tricky to do this in excel too - and their version doesn't work in SS. Additionally, I cannot do a direct link, because we are using the "store number" as a "dynamic" lookup. That field will always change. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!




Source Sheet View (Xfinity Retail Store: Store Photo)

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  • Tom Murphy

    Any progress with this. It has been on the ask list for almost 2 years. Very upsetting that this is not a feature yet.

  • Julia Bennfors

    Hey Tom,

    Unfortunately, Smartsheet still does not have this feature. I came up with a small work-around with automation, 2 sheets and a report. Maybe this will help! Thanks

    The automation is simple set to "remind me" to type the Unique identifier (Store number) from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 when "X" date is met. You could also set it up to just copy the rows, but it brings all the columns with it.

    Sheet 1 contains data only and a unique identifier (Store Number)

    Sheet 2 contains the photos and Index/Match's to the Store Number to pull some data so I can have it side by side / use it to filter reports

    Than I pulled a report based on "x" criteria.

    Snip of Sheet 2

    Snip of Report

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