Moving rows to new sheet with proofing enabled

It is very inconvenient that I am unable to move rows that have proofing enabled to a new sheet (keeping the proofs intact in the new sheet). We have purchased a new company and we need to move those company-specific rows to a new SmartSheet (including the proofs) but we are unable to do so. Is there a work-around solution for this issue?


  • Hi @jessical111351, I'm the Product Manager for Proofing, and you should be able to move a row that contains a proof from one sheet to another. Are these across different accounts? Any other information you can provide would be helpful to make sure we get this working for you!

  • I also received this email reply saying moving proofing with rows isn't available. I'm very glad it is now!



    Thank you for contacting Smartsheet Support. It looks like you are trying to find a way to move rows to another sheet while proofing is enabled. I'd be glad to assist you with this.


    If you attempt to use an automated workflow to move or copy a row when proofing is enabled on the sheet, you will see the following message in the workflow editor "To save this workflow, disable proofing on this sheet. Otherwise, select a different destination sheet".


    In order to use Move row or Copy row, disable proofing on the source sheet. Keep the following in mind when moving or copying rows between sheets:


    • When a row is moved, it will be deleted from the source sheet and added to the destination sheet. When copied, it will be retained in the source sheet, and it will be added to the destination sheet.
    • The row will be placed at the bottom of the destination sheet and can then be manually dragged up or down to a different location.
    • Any attachments or comments on the row will be moved automatically to the destination sheet.
    • The history for cells in the row will still be available (right click a cell and click View Cell History, where you will see "Row was moved from another sheet").
    • Any formulas in the row will be replaced with static values in the destination sheet.
    • If the source sheet contains columns that the destination sheet does not, these columns will be created in the destination sheet when the row is moved or copied


    We don't currently have a way to move rows while proofing is enabled, but I've let our Product team know about your request. We appreciate your input!


    For more information about Move and Copy Rows, kindly refer to this article ( 


    Thanks for using Smartsheet!


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