Can you submit a document from a form and place the new row based on sheet heirarchy?


I have several vendors working on the same project. Each has a set of required deliverables that have to be submitted at regular intervals (weekly, twice monthly, monthly) during different project phases (concept, design, installation). I would like to use a sheet to track the submissions and create a form for them to use to submit their documents. Looking at the hierarchy below, is there a way to create a work flow to route the submission to the respective level and add the row?

For example, if a vendor submits Progress Report 001, is it possible once the "new" entry is submitted at the top of the page to create a work flow that will "recognize" the type of submission using the "Document Type" and place it underneath the correct parent (in this case a new row would be entered directly below Parent "Progress Report")?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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