Incoming and outgoing project sheets

I am looking to implament project controls as below

  • One (1) workspace
  • All project sheets (no sub folders)
  • Project control Sheet
  • Reporting (at risk tasks, high priority tasks, hours per resource)

As projects start (need to be seen on the Project Control Sheet) and end (no longer are needed on the project control sheet), what is the best practice to automating new projects into this hierarchy?

Intent is for new project sheets to get filled out, which will then trigger:

  • new project line within project control sheet
  • updated reporting



  • Stefan
    Stefan ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Michael,

    Smartsheet Control Center (SCC) provides the automation you describe.

    With SCC you can use an intake sheet for project requests with basic data, have it approved there and then use a template filled with data from the intake to provision a new project sheet to your defined workspace. SCC also updates existing roll up report sheets etc.

    If you reports are configured to look into the whole workspace, adding or removing a project sheet will automatically reflect in the reports.

    SCC also allows to archive projects, thus removing them from summary sheets etc.

    Hope this helps


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