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Below is my formula, and I am not seeing why it is still #NoMatch? I am attempting to Vlookup the base Job# (ie: 190347), by using the =LEFT function to obtain the first 6 characters of the cell. Then using the first 6 characters, lookup that base value from a master file to vlookup the PM and SUPT


=IF(ISBLANK([JOB# (if Applicable)]5397), " ", VLOOKUP((LEFT([JOB# (if Applicable)]5397, 6)), {Job List Range 1}, 6, false))


If I leave the formula as is, and manually removed the "200" from the job# cell, the functions will work as desired and the desired name will populate. In Excel I would use the "--" to alleviate any formatting issues, but I'm stumped here.

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