Does a Slack Integration stay active when saving the original SmartSheet as a New SmartSheet

I have a Slack notification being sent for a specific row in my SmartSheet.

It's a Template SmartSheet, so it gets "Saved as New" every time a new project is started.

I'm noticing that the Slack notification seems to get de-activated on the new (project specific) SmartSheet I just saved/created off of the template SmartSheet.

Is this normal/expected behavior?

And is there any work-around so that the Slack Notification stays Active on the new SmartSheets that get created from the Template SmartSheet?

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  • It would be nice if the option/feature existed to copy the worksheet along with the workflows enabled. The general idea already exists with the pop-up box that allows the user to specify some of the items that will/won't be copied over. It could just be a box for each workflow that could be checkmarked or unchecked.

  • Maximus
    Maximus ✭✭

    I fully support @Garo Stone-DerHagopian. We need to have slack posts automation enabled by default when creating new sheets either from "Save as New" or from templates. Imagine, you have a document with 5-10 automations posting in Slack on different conditions. It is very cumbersome and inconvenient to re-activate and specify all messaging credentials every time you create a new document.