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I know that smartsheet does not allow merging of headings and understand why. However, I have a number of headings say 20. This 20 are made of 4 phases - say 5 each. Is there any work around other than putting Phase 1 as a prefix in the 1st 5 boxes and then Phase 2 and so on? Going forward if we could 'Title' a group of headings that have no database power but allow users to follow a sheet? Thanks Paul


  • Ben Goldblatt
    Ben Goldblatt Employee
    edited 08/06/20

    Hi Paul (@vipa2000),

    I could be wrong but it sounds like you're looking for a work-breakdown structure (WBS) to be able to organize phases into manageable sections on a sheet. Smartsheet doesn't have a built-in method for creating a WBS project but you may be able to accomplish this using the Auto-Numbering functionality but other users have found some possible solutions using formulas. Take a look at this post here for some ideas on this type of structure to see if this is similar to what you're looking for:

    If the above doesn't address what you're looking for, please provide some more specific details on your current setup and what you're looking to accomplish. If a WBS system would help, I highly recommend submitting a Product Enhancement Request for programmed WBS functionality to be considered as a possibility for future development.



  • vipa2000
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    Hi Ben, I have used coloured columns to explain to my users. So in the below, light blue = Initiation phase, yellow = site work and so. In excel I would have put a merged cell across the top of cells with the text in. What i have done now, is add the owner of the task into the coloured box. Regards Paul