Is there a way to turn off email confirmations/receipts after the approval?

Enes Zorkul
Enes Zorkul ✭✭
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While using the automated approval process, users are getting additional e-mail after they approve the request.

Is there a way to disable that? It just creates unnecessary e-mails and notifications serves to very little to no purpose. Which sort of contradicts with the purpose of the Smartsheet.


Enes Z

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  • Enes Zorkul

    Hi Genevieve,

    Thanks for the reply. Just created a request.

    Thank you

  • Wilen FL
    Wilen FL ✭✭✭✭

    @Enes Zorkul

    I know that your question is so two years ago but I have found a method that works for me. I created a radio button column called 'Email'. Then in my workflows, I add a condition that if the email button is checked the notification will go through. It's simple and it works.

    I also add it to the bottom of my forms, just in case I need the entry but don't need to email everyone.

    I hope it helps.

  • DJB
    DJB ✭✭✭

    @Wilen FL , can you expand on this a little more? In my case if I send out an update request individually, the respondent gets a confirmation email. If i send the request out through automation, there is no confirmation email. I'm wondering what your action is based on the condition you are showing. I'm not understanding how the email is being suppressed through that condition. If that condition suppresses a confirmation email, then i would expect i could do that through a different condition as well.

  • Wilen FL
    Wilen FL ✭✭✭✭

    @DJB, Thank you for your inquiry about this creative workaround. I do not understand your notes about the confirmation (manual vs automation) emails.

    In either case, the Row Action Indicator column (far left - column 4 [closest to the first data entry column]) should show if the (Update Request or Approval Request) emails (manual or automated) were sent.

    Hopefully, this additional explanation will help. The rule is if the Email Radio Button is checked the notification email (Update Request, Alert, or Approval Request) is sent. If unchecked, an entry is added to the sheet, but the emails are not sent.

    1.    Create a radio button ‘Email’ column.

    2.    Add a condition to your workflows using the Email Radio Button status (checked or unchecked).

    a.      By default, if the Email Radio Button status is checked the Update Request, Alert, or Approval Request notifications will be sent.

    b.      An Email Radio Button is included at the bottom of relevant forms with the option to uncheck it.

    i.     If it is unchecked the notification emails (Update Request, Alert, or Approval Request) will not send.

    c.      You may want to add an additional Alert notification to your workflows, that only goes to you if the Email Radio Button is not checked.

    i.     This would be in case the button should have been checked but wasn’t.

    3.    As a suggestion, if you want confirmation that someone received the automated email:

    a.      Check the Row Action Indicator column.

    b.      Include yourself in the Alert notification email.

    i.     Add a Recipient(s) line to the notification email.

    1.      i.e., Recipient(s): John Doe, Jane Doe, etc.

    ii.     See step C below as an additional option if you don’t want to be included on the Alert email that is sent to others.

    c.      For Update Requests or Approval Requests: Add an additional Alert email, to the workflow, that only goes to you and includes the Recipient line.

     i.     Matching the Subject line between the Update Request/Approval Request and the Alert notification (that only goes to you) will help identify the source and purpose.