Workflow with Two Conditional Statements Not Firing

I am trying to create a workflow that will send one daily notification of all rows that meet one of two criteria. In simplified terms here is the logic I have:


Department = A, B or C AND Manager Approval = Approved


Department = D AND Executive Approval = Approved


include in daily notification email.

The problem I'm running into is that if I put the condition statements in the same path, no notification is being sent (I think it's because it expects both conditions to be met when they are on the same vertical path). If I create a new conditional path for the OR statement, it will then send two separate emails, one for each statement. I want to have one email sent containing records that meet the criteria of one or the other statement.

Is this possible?


  • One way you could do this is set up a code using a logic formula on your sheet and trigger your workflow to fire off one email per day based on the the code. For example, say if condition one is met, then have the formula calculate a "Y" in your code column. If condition two is met have the formula calculate a "Y" in your code column. You can lock and hide the code columns to keep your source sheet clean. Set up your workflow based on changes to the code column and decide which columns, like the Department and Approval columns, you want to include in your notification if any.

  • Bethany Garcia
    Bethany Garcia ✭✭✭✭

    @Jeff Hoelzel thank you for that suggestion! Since the number of rows in the sheet will be dynamic, and increase as users add new records through the form, do you know of a way the logic formula can be dynamically added to each row that is added? Or would I have to go in and drag the formula down to each row when it is added?

  • Since you are using a form:

    Change the form settings so that new form data is automatically inserted on the top row of your sheet.

    Make sure your formula is already entered on the existing top row and it will automatically be copied up when new form data is submitted and inserted.

    We are doing this for CapEx requests all the time with multiple formulas and it works great.

  • Bethany Garcia
    Bethany Garcia ✭✭✭✭

    @Jeff Hoelzel that worked, thank you so much!