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I currently have a sheet with Smartsheet Licensed Users in our company, we want to check the last time each user logged in to Smartsheet so that if we think they do not require a license we can remove it from their account.

I currently do this by generating a User List Report in the User Management section of the Admin Center, importing that .csv file back into Smartsheet, copy and pasting those last login dates into the column "Last Login Date" in my sheet.

I then have a column "Date Limit" which is set to the last login date + 60 days using a formula (=[Last Login Date]1 + 60). Finally, a checkbox column "Active?" uses the logic: If today is greater than or equal to the date limit, the user is inactive (=IF(TODAY() >= [Date Limit]1, 0, 1) to determine whether or not the user is active enough to warrant a license.

This is obviously inefficient as to be truly accurate I would have to generate a new User List Report every day and manually go in and change these dates, if necessary.

How can I improve this workflow?

Thank you


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    I recommend submitting a product enhancement request, as this functionality is not inherent inside of stock smartsheet. That said, you can try using zapier to automate some of this by exporting to a google doc sheet and using the program to automatically move the information to smartsheet, and setting up automatic alert workflows for when the activity is past a certain date. This way you could perform the export to google docs when you want, and the rest would be automated.

    I don't think smartsheet is going to be highly pressed to add this functionality however, as they are trying to get us to add licenses, not track uses to most efficiently use our current amount.

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    Hi @Halil Olsen

    There is a premium add-on, Event Reporting that can provide you with much more information and that might help simplify the process.

    Is that an option?

    More info: 

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic weekend!


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