Copy Row Automation excluding child rows

I have set up an automation in my project plans to copy rows that are flagged as either a milestone or key activity to another sheet on a weekly basis. The automation is working, however, where the milestone or key activity is a parent task it is copying over all child tasks even when they are not a milestone or key activity. Is there a way to only copy over the line items that are milestones or key activities without any child rows?

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  • Julie@WD
    Julie@WD ✭✭✭✭
    edited 01/17/22

    @Denise Heffron I was able to get around this:

    1. Add a helper formula column showing the parent for each row (=parent([primary column]@row)).
    2. Create a set of rows at the top of your sheet that have no children. Indent them under a roll-up row to simplify the view (I labeled mine "Administration - DO NOT EDIT"). Make sure you create enough rows to accommodate the rows you potentially want copied from your sheet (I basically doubled my sheet's row count just to be safe).
    3. Use Index to pull the rows you care about into this "administration" section
    4. Set your automation to copy only rows with "Administration - DO NOT EDIT" in the parent helper column, along with the other criteria you want.

    It works like a charm! I hope this makes sense.