Is there a way to show the report and give edit access to add comments and add attachments?

I have designed a workflow for our team and used the Request system workflow as a start. I created a report and attached the link in the email when someone submits the form. I have this report linked with the underlined sheet where my entire team works. V have information that shouldn't be shared with anyone outside the team. Everything was fine until I learned that the people who submitted the ticket can't look at the requests they have submitted. I did give edit access to that particular report to everyone and set it for "Current User" so they can see only their requests. Dynamic view might work, but it will take some time for the organisation to purchase it and the system I prepared is already live. Would be a great help if anyone can suggest a work around for this problem.


  • Yes, but you may not like it. I requested report access without having to share the underlying data sheet a while back.

    I have had to grant edit access to our underlying data sheet while sharing a view only version of a report to get comments to function the way we want. Lots of shares and lots of column locking and hiding and row filtering because we didn't want the edit users to actually edit or see anything on the underlying data sheet. This all probably seems quite backwards, and it is, but it works.