How do I set an automation without a trigger or is there a workaround to create a trigger

Jennifer Roam
Jennifer Roam ✭✭✭
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I am needing to set an automation to lock and unlock rows. I have the automation set to lock the row when it is changed from “open” to any other value. I need a time based function that will allow the cell to unlock a certain time period after it is locked by the first automation. Essentially I want to ensure that no edits are made for a select period of time (I am flexible with the amount of time but would like for it to be a day). But in order to get the rows that were locked to unlock there obviously needs to be a trigger. I added a column for modified date and tried to set it to run 1 day after when modified date is not today as a condition and then to have that run daily. However it doesn’t allow that automation to be run daily but only “when triggered”. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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