Suggestions for display of a calendar



I am working to create a call room reservation request system for our hospital. Smartsheets is working wonderfully for this, I'm just stuck with one little dilemma.

The people who review registrations, like to be able to view the month at glance for all the rooms reserved. The screenshot below shows our current system. This helps them quickly determine what is open for a certain date and what is not.

I currently have a calendar view of a report, but the problem is that because of the amount of rooms, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what's available. I can use the grid view manually entering every day down the first column and perhaps using some sort of formula to determine if a date and room is taken, but I'm not sure how to write out the formula.

Is there a way that I can recreate this view in smartsheets? Or is there another way I can determine availability? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!