Trying to copy formulas from the Source Sheet to the target sheet using DataMesh

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I've set up a configuration, that merges entries using copy from a source to a target sheet that is updated with the latest new rows. Copying of the data is working fine, however the formulas in the source sheet get lost in that process. Is there any way to avoid this?


I've an Excel sheet containing hyperlinks. I import that sheet, keeping the formulas and the hyperlinks are kept in Smartsheet that way. When I now try to merge the new sheet with an existing sheet (already containing hyperlinks for the existing rows) I have to updated the hyperlinks manually after the merge, which can be tedious.




  • Tana PerkinsTana Perkins Overachievers

    Is this DataMesh a one-time solve, or something you'll need to include in the DM config forevermore? If one-time, you could add a symbol or space in front of the = sign (or remove = all together), and use DM to get into sheet 2. Once it's in sheet 2, you can copy/fill down, and let the formula populate from there. As long as you're moving the data that the formula will leverage from sheet 1, you can let sheet 2 do the calculation on it's own. Does that make sense?

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  • Markus WalserMarkus Walser ✭✭✭✭

    It's mainly one-time so your suggestion would help. Unfortunately the "Formulas" I want to transfer are hyperlinks which seem to be handled differently in Smartsheet, so I cannot just re-build the formula on the destination sheet.

    I could easily work around this issue, if there would be a formula available like in Excel to create hyperlinks, something like described here:



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