URL Query string did not move with "Save as New" How to remedy?

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I used a test workspace to create 2 data base sheets. One to hold existing info and one to hold newly created info based on existing. Users create this new data by clicking a URL to get to a form.

I created a form and appended a query string to the form URL such that when a person clicks the URL, information from the URL is passed into the form fields. The completed form adds a row to the newly created info sheet.

When it was working as desired, I saved the workspace as new to be my production space.

In principal, everything (forms, formulas, links, etc) in the newly created Production space is supposed to point to (and receive from...) the items in the Production space, which is true EXCEPT for the form URL query string. I can see the URL and the query string in the production data base. However, when I click it, it still pulls the form from the test sheet, pulls data from the test sheet and loads the new rows to the test sheet.

When I open at the query string it looks like the correct fields in the production sheet are highlighted but when I click the URL, the data in the form is not correct and the info I put in the form is submitted to the wrong sheet.

Can any one help troubleshoot, please?

Here is relevant help page from the Solution Center : https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2478871-url-query-string-form-default-values



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