Has anybody used Smartsheet to create schedules for Procore?

Ryan Kinder
Ryan Kinder ✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

My company uses Smartsheet to create its construction schedule that is then uploaded to Procore. However, there are some problems with the integration of the two. To upload to Procore the schedule has to be exported as a Microsoft Project file (.xml) and then it can be uploaded and processed by Procore. The problem is that Procore is not recognizing Baseline and Actual Dates properly. Baseline dates are put into Procore as general start and end dates and leaves the Baseline field blank. Then actual start dates are filled in automatically by Procore because it assumes the actual start and end date is the same as the general, despite whatever might be entered for this filled in Smartsheet. These are crucial to keep track of and I am wondering if anybody knows how to get the proper dates to work with Procore? I have attached a picture of the schedule column layout in case that is in some way affecting it, and what it looks like in Procore.