Trying to set up an Approval Workflow that triggers a cascade of Update Requests based on check box


Here's my vision:

  1. Someone submits information via a Smartsheet Form
  2. This adds a Row of data (30 fields)
  3. This triggers a "Request an approval" email to [Contact in a Cell]
  4. Contact receives an email with "View Request" button, to either Approve or Decline the data in that Row.
  5. When they click "Approve" it triggers a "Request an Update" to a different [Contact in a Cell]
  6. When they click "Decline"... (this is where things are falling apart for me)
    1. When they click "Decline" I want a "Request an Update" email sent to the original Contact from #3.
    2. I want that Contact from #3 to be able to edit the information in that Row, then check a box saying "Reviewed by XXXX"
    3. When they've checked the "Reviewed by XXXX" box and clicked "Submit Update" it will follow the workflow from #5
    4. If that Contact from #3 doesn't check the box saying, "Reviewed by XXXX", it would then circle back to the start of #6, and send another "Request an Update" email to Contact from #3 until they check the "Reviewed by XXXX" box.

Every iteration of "Conditions" and "Requests an Update" is not working for me. Any suggestions?




  • Adrian Coulls

    I would be inclined to break this into 3 workflows but first would change Reviewed by XXXX to a Yes No drop down list so that something on the row changes. A] Points 1 to 5 B] points 6 to 6c C] 6d

    B is triggered by the row changing to Decline

    C is triggered by Reviewed by XXXX changing to No.

    I hope that triggers some solution thoughts for you.