Using Smartsheet Forms

I have this schedule above (took out the names/privacy) for weekly schedules with my team. Normally there is a time frame in each cell for thee week like 9:00-5:00. Each week pulls down, I just have week 3 as an example.

And this form:

Is there a way that I can have someone enter in their information, for example if someone wants to take leave on 11/21/20, and have it correspond to the cell with the specific date instead of just the days of the week in the column? Or would that require something more along the lines of a formula/function/conditional formatting?

I currently have it set up to change the color of a cell if it has "leave" "call out" "off" etc.... but would like to be able to have someone fill out the form and be able to put "leave" and have it correspond to the cell which would then replace the times and just have "leave" and the color it changes to.

I hope that makes some sort of sense, I'm having trouble putting my thoughts on this into words.

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