How to Auto-populate form with Request Number

Austin Kuhn
Austin Kuhn ✭✭✭
edited 11/18/20 in Smartsheet Basics


I am creating a form for customer's to input data into our sheet. This form currently asks for "FER Number" which the customer is currently requested to input. However, I'd like to make this "FER Number" auto-generated/auto-populated. I'd like the form to reference the last input "FER Number" on Smartsheet (bottom row on smartsheet in FER Number Column) and add 1 to this number, then add this FER number to the form and furthermore the bottom row of the "FER Number" column. Hopefully this makes sense. We have performed 6500 FERs so far outside of Smartsheet, so the first form that the customer finishes should auto-populate "FER Number" with 6501. Is there a way this can be done? Appreciate your help as I learn the smartsheet system and get up to speed.



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