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Created 3 forms for doing employee reviews with underlying grid sheets. 1 form is an Employee Self Review, 1 Form Employee Selection, and 1 Form Reviewer Form. Idea is a employee fills out self review, then sits with manager. Manager opens dashboard, selects Employee from Employee Selection Form, then clicks submit. Refresh refreshing web browser. This then updates Employee Review Section which are Metric fields attached to a sheet (so I retrieve same row every time), which that sheet points to the Self Review Data looking up Employee by index/match. So here is the problem: this scenario works fine when one user is using the form, but when 2 people are using it - maybe clicking submit at same time - each dashboard user may not see correct info they submitted. I have 20 plus reviewers and real don't want to make 20 dashboards and underlying submittal sheets. any thoughts on how to do this??


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If you build it out for one person then save the dashboard and underlying sheets into a folder, you can then save the folder as new to have all sheets still linked together. Then you wouldn't have to rebuild from scratch. Only update the form links/web content widgets on your dashboard for each user.

  • David Clemons

    Okay...So having more than one user in this setup will cause issues? I think the only way around it would be able to have a smartsheet create a new function "get current user" would be able to solve the current issue. Well guess I will clean up my sheets and start creating the folders. Thanks.

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