Project Management - How do I create a recurring task within a project task list?

I have recurring meetings as part of my project and recurring tasks that need to repeat every week or month. How do I build that into a task list?

For example, once the week 1 meeting or task is marked complete, I want to have it automatically repopulate with a new due date for week 2. I do this all the time in other project management tools. I fear I must be missing something hugely obvious.

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  • JeremiahHorstick
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    Hey @Mindy Friedman!

    Two Methods:

    1 Sheet (Formula Method)

    This method assumes the frequency is consistent regardless of the last occurrence.

    We used an array of date formulas to have recurring tasks fall on a specific day of the week, 1st of the month every month, or last of the month every month.

    Published Example:

    We simply reset this annually.

    2 Sheets (Automation & Last Occurrence relevant)

    We did this using two (2) sheets.

    The first sheet lists the recurring tasks.

    The second sheet contains the actual tasks.

    The first sheet looks up the last (MAX) recurring task on the 2nd sheet

    If the last recurring task is done a daily automation adds a new occurrence to the second sheet with a start date of the last occurrence + the frequency of the recurrence.

    Drop me a line and I can walk you through this... It's a bit more tricky than I am describing. If I see a lot of comments on this thread I'll create & share a Google Doc or a video.

  • jennifer blow
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    I also think I've found another method. Hopefully this isn't pointing out the obvious...

    You need 2 sheets:

    • Sheet 1: Request tracker sheet (this could be your project plan sheet)
    • Sheet 2: Recurring tasks sheet


    • Create the task on sheet 2 that you intend to be recurring.
    • Add a workflow to trigger when a date is reached. Set this to your desired frequency.
    • Set the condition to the name of the task.
    • Set the action to 'copy rows' and choose your request tracker/project plan sheet.
    • Et voila, your task pops up on your project plan at your chosen frequency.

    Caveat - I've only just figured this out, so it remains untested (I have to wait for the date to be reached). If anyone has a better way or can disprove the theory, please comment!

    I'll drop this on a few forums asking the same question!