Linking cells and including gantt data


I have a sheet that uses linked cells to pull gantt data, and this has always worked well. I recently added several new linked cells to be included in this sheet, and those new cells are not showing any info in the gantt view (but the previously entered linked cells still do). All linked cells are linked to the same source sheet and all the info regarding start and end dates included (meaning, the source sheet has a beautiful gantt view! It just isn't showing up when I link them in the 2nd sheet).

Thank you!


  • Hello @Amanda Hinski ,

    I see that one of our Support Agents has reached out to you regarding this issue.

    If the issue is still occurring, please respond back to that email, and the Support Team will perform more troubleshooting to identify the route cause if the provided information doesn't resolve your issue.

    In addition to the information provided, here are some other values that cannot be Cell Linked if you have dependencies enabled on a Project/Gantt sheet:

    • Cell with column formula
    • Finish dates
    • Predecessors
    • Parent rollups (start date, finish date, duration, % complete)
    • Start dates with a dependency

    Let me know if you have any questions!